Assessment Definitions & Pricing


Psychodiagnostic (also called 'psychological', 'mental health', 'personality', or 'PTSD' assessments) - The purpose is to assess mental health functioning and often to provide a diagnosis. A typical assessment would involve 2-4 hours face-to-face with the client doing interviewing and testing, and several additional hours of scoring/report writing for a total of 6-10 hours depending on complexity ($1320 - $2200).

Neuropsychological (also called 'neurocognitive' assessments) - The purpose is to assess cognitive functioning in relation to a brain injury, concussion, or other illness/condition (e.g., dementia, depression, etc.). These typically involve a full day spent face-to-face with the client doing interviewing and testing, or the assessment may be conducted over several days to reduce fatigue/pain. In addition to the direct time spent with the client, these evaluations also involve a review of relevant file information, scoring, and report writing. The total is usually around 20+ hours ($4400+) but this varies depending on complexity.

Attention Deficit Disorder (also called 'adult ADD' assessments) - The purpose is to determine the appropriateness of an ADD diagnosis. This involves several hours face-to-face with the client administering tests and interviewing (2-4 hours). As with previous evaluations, the process also includes time for file review, scoring, and report writing for a total of 6-10 hours ($1320 - $2200).

Legal assessments - The purpose is to conduct a psychological or neuropsychological assessment to inform a legal/court matter. The amount of hours is similar to the specific type of assessment listed above, but the hourly rate is higher ($240) because they require a more advanced skillset. We often perform these evaluations for automobile insurance cases. We also do psychodiagnostic assessments to inform divorce/custody proceedings (i.e., the purpose is to assess the mental health of the parents). We do NOT do custody evaluations or parental capacity assessments. The referral source is responsible for the additional costs should the assessing psychologist be required to testify.

Cancellation Policy - 5 business days notice is required for cancellation of assessments otherwise a fee equal to half the quoted rate will be applied.

Note on fees - Abbreviated/screening versions are available for some types of assessments (e.g., neuropsychological evaluations for sports concussions; memory screening for suspected dementia). Please contact us for more information. 

1 With the exception of the legal assessments these price estimates are based on an hourly rate of $220 which is consistent with College of Psychologists of NB fee guidelines. Dr. Kennepohl's rate is $240 due to his consulting status and expertise.