A few tips from Dr. Theresa.

Krista Nelson • Aug 04, 2021

Stress management/self-care: Carving out time for myself to recharge, getting outside for at least 15 minutes every day, yoga, listening to podcasts, listening to music.


Parenting: I LOVE positive parenting techniques. Positive parenting sometimes gets a bad wrap for being anti- consequences, but that's not true at all. Its more about focusing on the positive behaviours as a way to reinforce those. It is also about teaching kids that feelings are okay/acceptable (ie., "I see you're mad that Ipad time is over. It's okay to be mad! It is NOT okay to hit". It is a whole field of psychology/parenting, but a great instagram follow for it is biglittlefeelings - they talk a lot about ways to easily incorporate these techniques for children up to five years old. 


Relationship tips: Putting yourself in the other persons shoes to try and understand their feelings/motivation/perspective. Remembering that their differing opinions are not personal and come from their own experences. Carving out time to spend together where you don't talk about life admin (i.e., chores, kids).